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Civil and Criminal Cases

Every country’s constitution enforces certain laws, for the purpose of maintaining order and protecting the society from crimes. These laws are broadly classified into two categories, i.e. Civil Law and Criminal Law.

Civil law alludes to the system of rules and regulations, which describes and safeguards the rights of the residents of the country and provides legal remedies to a dispute. It includes cases relating to private matters such as property, contracts, torts, family dispute, etc.

The party who files the suit is called plaintiff, while the party who responds to the suits is known as a defendant and the entire process is termed as litigation.

Criminal Law can be understood as the set of rules and statutes, that highlights the conduct or act prohibited by the state, as it violates the intention of the law, threatens and harms public and welfare safety. The law does not only defines the crimes but also specifies punishment to be imposed for the commission of a crime.

Criminal law stresses on punishment to the offender, who breaches the law by acts such as, murder, rape, theft, smuggling, etc.

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